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Sex, It happens.

I think the hardest thing to admit to yourself is that it will eventually happen and when it does, it doesn’t necessarily mean your tarnished. 

Growing up my parents made sex seem like the ultimate aspect of a women, that if she was a “new car” she be worth more. 

I realized that its not about the new car, well in a sense it is but the value. My parents still practice the traditional dowry, where the male figure puts in a sense a “down payment” in exchange for their daughters hand in marriage. 

My parents preach no intimacy until after marriage because well they want to get the most out of raising their daughter. Traditionally a women especially is the one tarnished vs the men. Men get away with sex before marriage however when word gets out that a women has you know “let a man park his car in her garage” her price value pretty much drops. So in a sense they go through all measures to keep you pure. 

I think most people don’t realize is that it will happen, even before marriage. In honest opinion i would rather experience it before marriage, not to bash on any other beliefs, but because what if after marriage it wasn’t what you hoped it would be, i mean most people say its not always about sex but i seen marriages torn apart because well “they were getting none”. 

when it comes down to it if you love a person enough to share with him/her your body, by all means go for it. Like my professor once said “create that oxytocin”. 

my daughter will be dressed like this 
that olive cardigan
i want her pants.
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